ND-3500AG Slower Since Added CD-RW



Not long ago I put in my old CD-RW as the slave drive on the cable where my nd-3500ag is the master. Since then, it seems that my dvd-rw is burning slower than it used to. I just burnt a DVD set at 8x - it stuck around 4.1x until about 20% then jumped to 6.1x until about 50% then rose to 8.2x and not long after dropped back to 4.1x and occasionally hovered below that. I’m using the 2.18 dangerous brothers firmware and burning on Ritek 8x dvd-r (i think ritek g05 discs). I’ve burnt discs with dvd decrypter and alcohol 120% and had the same speed results. Any ideas as to why it’s doing this is appreciated. I’m pretty sure the dvd-rw jumper is set to master although i’m not sure. the cd-rw is slaved. Thanks.


Boot into BIOS and verify that all hard drives and optical drives are seen and set to use AUTO detection. Save and exit. Reboot and go to Device Manager and remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Reboot and verify that devices 0 and 1 in Primary and Secondary IDE channels are set to use DMA mode. Save and Reboot. Verify that all devices connected to Primary and Secondary IDE channels are running in DMA mode. Make sure the jumpers on the hardware are set to Cable Select OR Master/Slave if there are two devices connected to the IDE channel.