ND-3500AG read problems


I have burned few Primeon 4x +R discs with ND-3500AG and Im having hard time reading them in ND-3500AG, some files cant be read at all and some can only be read if I cool down media for few minutes.

Since I don`t have any other DVD that is capable of reading +R media I have tried these discs in my XBOX drive and XBOX reads them without any problems.

I also had 3 coasters this evening with Primeon 2x -R media this evening (Nero reported: no seek complete).

I have this burner for two weeks and beside Primeon DVDs I have only tried to burn on Verbatim 4x DVD+RW & Traxdata 2x DVD-RW and they work OK.

Is this a burner or media problem?

Hi there, definitely sounds like a media issue, especially since you mention that the Traxdata work fine. I have heard on the forum that the 3500 is a little picky with reading media (even from media burned in the same drive).

Have a look at the burn quality thread (in the stickys section) which lists the burn quality for all the various media types. Alot of people have had success with the Datawrite grey (fujifilm03) DVD-R.

Do you know what dye your Primeon discs use?