ND-3500AG - Quality Burns?

I’ve wasted 4 DVD-R and 1 DVD+R so far, because the quality of the burns aren’t good. I got the burner in, and wanted to give it a try, so I tried to backup a movie of mine, and it won’t burn good quality discs. I’ve even dumped the movie into a image file, which when watched, is perfect. Burn, then goes to junk. Any Ideas? I’ve updated the firmware to 2.17 and still no good. Thanks

BTW, it only burned at 4x.

What is the MID code of the media?
And which program are you using to backup the movie?


Tried using CloneDVD, DVDXCopy, DVD Shrink, and Alcohol, and Nero to burn.

They don’t play on your set top player? or they fail to burn properly?

EDIT : also, which firmware are you using?

they play, but not properly. using 2.17 firmware.

OK, check out the trouble shooting guide here and just check you have everything setup properly.
Assuming everything is setup correctly, you may just have bad media.


I use the Taiyo Yuden 8x media - works great in my 3500-