ND-3500AG: Nero hanged at 100% sometimes

I am using Nero, NEC-3500AG (original official NEC 2.16 firmware) and Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R (MCC03)

Burning was always done without other resource hogging programs and I have quite a lot of free physical ram during th burn (>400MB). Buring speed is 8x and no overburn in capacity.

The burning process always goes smoothly but sometimes, it will halt at 100% (the time when the buffer starts to drop because the burn is almost completed) and becomes not responding forever. As a result, the last file burnt on the dvd is always unreadable although other files are completely fine.

This doesn’t occur everytime, the chance is about one out of 7 or 8 burns.

Any idea wat’s wrong? nero, 3500AG or the media?

Could be any of those things. Check the disc/media with Nero CD/DVD speed. If it hangs during the transfer test, file, surface scan, etc… you may have a bad disc or batch of bad discs. I had something like this happen to me before. It turns out I had a batch of really bad Memorex 52X CDs that I bought at Wal-Mart. Check the disc with dvdindentifer or dvdinfopro or even Nero CD/DVD Speed itself to see what the media code is for the disc. That bad disc may just not be supported in Nec 3500AG’s default 2.16 firmware. You may have to flash to Herrie’s 2.17, Liggy’s 2.17 beta 8, TDB’s 2f8, etc… that are readily available by reading the stickies in the Nec forum.

Oops! My Bad! You already know the media code. In that case I would reinstall Nero as well. But this time do a thorough uninstall with registry cleaning when possible. After that run Nero CD/DVD Speed test on several of your media just to see if you may still have a bad batch of media. Then try burning again, but with all background programs, virus scanners, etc… in your taskbar disabled or off.

I reinstall Nero and it appeared to correct my “freeze” problem as well. The screen, mouse, etc… would hang and freeze up. I had to manually shut down the pc by pressing the restart and or power buttons. This Nero was really buggy for my system. I upgraded to the Nero 6.6 Reloaded and so far all is well.

Also, is your burner’s udma mode enabled in Windows XP Pro? Are you certain that all cables are free of dust and have no bent pins? Are they firmly attached on both ends, mainboard and drive? What type of ram do you have? In my experience bad ram no matter how much you have can generally generate bsod or “freezing” problems. Are the mainboard chipset drivers updated to the “most compatible ones and not necessarily the latest ones?”

There’s always the last possibility that your drive may be going bad. If you’ve tried my suggestions and others that my follow and they don’t work. I would rma the drive.

  1. i disable my virus scanner during burning
  2. the freezing problem is different from the one u had before. my mouse, keyboard and other programs can still be used. Only Nero hangs.
  3. DMA is enabled and as I said, the entire buring is perfect except at the last few seconds when nero hangs.
  4. it doesn’t occur everytime and it only hangs at the time when nero shows 100% (but before lead out) and the used read buffer begins to drop.

mcdulldull, I used to have this problem with my Plextor Premium from time to time as well (not with the NEC ND-3500), and I think that Nero 6 is to blame for this. Nero sometimes (very rarely though) just hangs writing the lead-out, and a coaster is the result.

This problem seems to be gone with Nero 6.6, but I just recently installed it, so it may be too early to say.


also remember that the 3500 is not currently supported by Nero-

Hopefully it will with 6.6 issue-

Also I would try taiyo Yuden 8x media - it works great with my latest .25 Nero-


So, what software do you recommend for writing DVD on 3500&

Yeap, bigmike7 the 3500 isn´t supported in written…But remember TDK 1616N is. And TDK 1616N IS a rebadged 3500… :cool:

Welcome smallgrin
DVD Decrypter (free!)…or Nero and later will do the job well. :wink: