ND-3500AG I/O Device Error

Hi. I’ve had this DVD-RW for a few years and have never had any problems with it until recently, when after installing the latest Alcohol 120% and Nero Burning Rom the drive started behaving erratically. I think it is more likely that Alcohol 120% was the culprit, as I installed Nero first and noticed no problems; it was only after installing Alcohol that I spotted something awry. I’ve also had previous versions of Nero installed with no problems, whereas this was the first time I had used Alcohol.

To go into more detail on the issues I’m having, the drive frequently gives the error message “D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.” It doesn’t do this all the time, but it does occur the majority of times I attempt to use the drive, and the problem can occur regardless of whether the DVD is an image, like a game, or just a data DVD with music and videos, for instance. Other information that might be relevant is the fact that in Windows Device Manager, the drive is listed as “NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG SCSI CdRom Device”, which seems odd; I could have sworn it used to be detected as simply “NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG”. Also, in Windows Explorer, the drive is sometimes listed as a CD-RW, other times as a DVD-RW. The I/O error can occur regardless of which detection is currently made, however. Lastly, often Nero fails to recognise the drive at all and simply lists the virtual drive that I use for mounting images.

I’ve never upgraded the firmware and would rather avoid it if possible, since the drive has worked fine without it up to this point and from what I’ve read about firmware upgrading, it can be a risky business if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. I suppose avoiding a format would be preferable too. Any other help would be much appreciated, though.

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…“NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG SCSI CdRom Device”…
Most probably Alcohol emulation (or hide drive) functions making this error behaviour.
Nero InCD should also be disabled when burning discs.

Better use ImgBurn to burn your image files. :wink:

I contacted Alcohol support and it turned out the SPTD layer drivers that Alcohol installed were causing the problem. Thanks for the ImgBurn link, I’ll probably use that in future.