ND-3500AG, DVD not read after 60 minutes of use

OK i use Traxdata dvd’s “RicohJpn R02 (003)” not sure if its same with other dvd’s, but when i boot up pc, and insert dvd - it works fine, then after about 60 minutes if u click on dvd-drive it start reading from dvd, but never stop untill u click eject. When you insert dvd back it looks like blank dvd, nero “disk info” says disk is empty.
After restart it start working again.

Drive ND-3500AG.
This issue remains under windows 2000 and XP.
Firmware version 2.1A, but it was same with previous version to.
Drive on secondary ide channel as master transfer mode UDMA-2.

Maybe it’s a heat issue. Is the case adequately ventilated. Can you tell if the 3500 is overheated?

Clicking on a drive (icon) when you know there is a BLANK media in there??!?

Where is the sense?

BTW, never found such problems with w2k3 here, even w2k.

No its not overheated i guess because my case is open.
And i dont click drive icon when blank media is there its dvd that i burned myself and its almost full of data, when this bug happens this dvd (custom burned full dvd) apears as blank dvd untill u restart system.

Also if i inserted dvd after reboot try to read it it works fine and then ejected it, whatever time has passed when i insirt dvd again it works fine, but if its left inside drive for 60 minutes this bug happens.

someone have any idea what is this/

Ok i going to make a detailed check to see what is this i post details bit later.

Auto-Insert-Notification disabled or a hardware issue.

case open doesn’t equal cool. all open case does is disturb the fan pattern. the parts will cool better usually if there is a flow pattern to the air otherwise open case means that there is no flow so the parts can only radiant cool. my vote is heat and heat will eventually kill the drive

Hi there!
A week after I flashed my Nec 3500AG with 2.1A firmware my burner crashed totaly. Im with 2.TG now, it still burns dvd disks as before. Why dont u try another firmware, I read so many posts in this forum guys who have problems with their Nec 3500 firmware 2.1A?
When 2.1A worked I copied my burned dvd disks on my hard drive with 2x or 4x speed but in Nero CD-DVD Speed Transfer rate I reached in test 16x on same medias.