Nd-3500ag device buffer fluctuates like crazy! SOS!

I just got my ND-3500AG and I couldn’t use it properly. The device buffer fluctuates right after leading in, and it wouldn’t stop. I tried both Nero & Dvd-decrypter, but they both have the same problem. My DMA is selected properly, and I tried to burn in test mode so I doubt that it’s the media problem.

Any suggestions or any ideas?

dell precision 220
os: winxp pro sp2
ram: 256mb rdram
cpu: dual p3 665Mhz
graphic: nvidia gforce2 gts
hd: 160gb 7200rpm 8mb cache
od: ND-3500AG 2.16

AFAIK this is normal for the 3500 and is caused by the walking OPC which continually checks the burn quality and adjusts the Laser calibration and burn speed accordingly.

Do your discs work okay when the burn has completed?

Another user reported same problem in test mode. When actually burning the prob did NOT show up.

You need to post actual burn speeds and times if you want any help.

Not sure if this would help or not, but as cheap as RAM is right now 256 is really the bare minimum for XP, and it depends on all the processess runnin in the background too. Worth a shot and shouldn’t cost much…

Thank you for all your help. You’re right Surg. I did the actual burn and it no problem.

This seems to be quite normal with the NEC 3500AG as mine does it also and the burns are perfect…