ND-3500AG Bad results with RITEK R03 (002)

I bought 50 bulk DVD+R’s “RITEK R03 (002)” and already have 4 bad burns, how i check if disk’s are good quality or not?
I used Nero to burn at 8x.

you could go the media forum and then to the dvd media subforum to see what others experience is. if you look you will see quite a few complaints in the media forum on ritek media

bulk eh?
Where did you buy them from?
You might have yourself some low grade Ritek media with a high failure rate. :frowning:

Hmmm 2.1A doesn’t seem to do too well with RITEKR03.
Scanned disc was burned at 8x using 3500A fw 2.1A
At least the read curve looks good

I’ve always had lousy results with RITEK R03 media.
With both ND-3500A and Lite-On SOHW-1633S drives.

This is the worst media I have personally purchased.

Results look better if u burn at 2x, guess so, cant use k-probe since only got nec drive, but at least cd’s are readable, comparing with what i burned on 8x.

Doublepost, :o

I have had very good results with R03 on one batch and very bad results on the next. I found when I burned the duds at 4X they were much better (firmware 2.18). Originally NEC locked the media at 4X in their firmware; they and others were aware of the vast inconsistencies in quality.

No more Ritek.