ND-3500A vs. DVR-108 on reading quality

i previously owned a ND-2500A and for some strange reason some of the dvd movies i burned (very small portion) the drive reads them fine but it stopped reading them in about 1-2 months BUT they work perfectly fine on my dvd player and laptop, strange isnt it? i have to mention NOT all of the movies i burned are like that, only a very small portion of them and i was using nero burning rom and no buffer underrun of anything cause i have an athlon 64bit processor. i recently bought DVR-108 and surprisingly the movies wont read on ND2500a work on DVR-108. i’m planning to buy another dvd burner and i’m considering the ND-3500A because of the good stuff ive heard, but how is the reading quality vs DVR-108? btw, i dont care which one is faster, because faster doesnt usually mean better.


Early reports are that the 3500 is superior reader to the 2500 (which wouldn’t be difficult-since the 2500 was a “picky” reader at best)-

Seems that the 3500 and 108 are similar in reading with the 3500 otherwise being somewhat superior overall-especially in write performance/quality. I really like both my 3500’s (they replaced a 2500 and 2510 respectively)-

Happy Burnin’