ND-3500A rejects dual layer recording

My drive will not write to the Traxdata DVD+R DL disk. It works fine with standard DVD 4G disks. I have tried copying data files to the 8G disk using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and with Nero 6 Ultra. Both recognize the dual layer disk, both compute space remaining but when I click “Burn” the program starts and then stops giving me an error message as follows: format-Illegal request.[5.30.05]. This error message came if I did not select the “Read Only” check box. If I checked the “Read Only” box i get this error message: X E:_Nec DVD_RW ND-3500AG (“Seek, Synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error - medium error”) [03.02.00] These errors are from the Roxio program. The Nero programs are essentially the same but adds “Drive reports problem with media”
Can you suggest a solution?.

Lots of firmwares for the 3500 have disabled support for RITEKD01 media. That’s probably what you get, when buying Traxdata DVD+R-DL discs. I think TDK’s 2.c8 comes with support for these discs. But don’t forget to backup your current firmware first

Yeah, you need firmware 2C8_SE_Ritek_4X_DL. Originally posted here.

Download link. :wink:

BTW, right now I can´t download any FW from ScorpioSoft firmware page. :confused:

pinto2… yeah… I made a mistake… the firmwares are there… but the link isn’t correct… I made the corrections already… but I don’t know when ScorpioSoft will update the page.

Thanks for the fast response. I have not updated firmware on a drive as yet. I’ve read the dangers. Can you direct me to a list of steps? —Guy

short guide

  • Download firmware from link.
  • Extract (unRAR) the file to a folder of choice. You will get two files, firmware and flasher.
  • Doubleclick on NECWinFlash. Choose “Dump” to backup your current firmware.
    (Save fw on a safe location.)
  • Run “Flash”. If the firmware is in the same direction as flasher, highligt it.
  • On “warning” window choose “Yes”.
  • Your drive will now be flashed with the new firmware.
  • Restart and enjoy new capabilitys of your drive.

Note. All firmware updates are on your own risk. But untill today and more then 30 flashes on my 3500, flasher never failed. :cool:

Got it Pinto2. Will try tomorrow. I’m in Norway and it is time to play. Thanks—Guy

Pinto2 —Flashed it and it works great! Thanks—Guy

Happy burning. :wink:

If you need any help in future, you know where to find it; club.cdfreaks.com.