ND-3500A / Not recognized properly by Win XP? Help Please!



Hello to all.

First off I’m a newbie when it comes to DVD Burners so I ask that you can please bare with me cause maybe it’s something stupid that I’m doing…

Anyways… I did research and purchased the NEC ND-3502A 16x dual layer DVD burner from Newegg.com. (I don’t see any references to a ND-3502A really anywhere… but I’m assuming the ND-3500A is the same thing basically?) The drive arrived yesterday and it came bare. (No software/drivers/etc… although from some posts I’ve read this is not uncommon from newegg)

I was able to get the drive installed just fine it appears… Windows XP SP1 had no problem recognizing it. However… no matter what software I use… none of them recognize the drive.

I attempted to update the firmware from the NEC website to v2.18 by running their firmware update utility but it would not fully go through. (There was a part during the firmware update where it would not detect the drive and it “should” allow you to then see the firmware version you have but the program kept closing on me…)

I tried to use Nero… Adaptec 5 and NTI CD-DVD Maker 5… none of the three would recognize the drive. The drive works it appears… it’ll read cds and play them on my pc all day… but won’t see it as a DVD burner.

Any thoughts/suggestions as to what I can try?? Please let me know if more information would help on this matter.


I apologize… it’s a ND-3520A NEC device.


:eek: 2.18 is a nec3500 fw. they are not the same drive at all (different chipset) if you flashed the 3520 with it and it took even partialy you have a big problem. may have toasted your burner. hopefully liggy, dee, quickiee, herrie, or tdb will spot this thread. they may be your only hope…


in the mean time you might try uninstaling your nec from the device manager and then reboot. this will only help if the fw didn’t take…

try flashing your burner with this official nec3520 firmware:

this is the flashing tool you will need:

however, your best bet is to flash the drive in dos. this require nowledge of dos which i don’t have. here is the link to the dos flasher:


I really must be the most dyslexic person on the planet cause I swore up until about 10 minutes ago that I had a ND-3502A…

Regardless, this is the link I was “trying” to use for the firmware:


I didn’t get very far… all I could do was download the program and open it. As soon as it opened it would tell me it couldn’t detect the drive (Which again… the FAQ on the firmware said it would do but it makes a LOT more sense now…). After the message it was “supposed” to allow me to check the firmware version but it kept closing… so I don’t “think” I altered the drive at all… but again, anything is possible I suppose.


so which do you have!!! your confusing the hell out of me…

use nero’s info tool…and be sure


LOL sorry… I have a ND-3520A… what I meant was I kept swearing up and down it was a ND-3502A but I’m just a dyslexic moron.

I have a ND-3520A. Sorry for the confusion wasn’t intended…


not a problem…

see my edited post…#4


Thanks spryfly…

Ran the flash utility but not able to get any software to still see it. Could I just not be using the right version of burning software maybe? I can’t see it being a hardware issue…


If the flash utility didn’t see the drive your in deep trouble. only hope is to try flashing in dos…good luck.


Well… the flash utility did see the drive just fine and I encountered no problems. The only time I encounter problems is when I open burning software (For this example… Nero and it tells me there is no recognized drive.

Would the software still be giving me that error even if the flash utility detected the dvd drive just fine?


oh ok got you now…update to nero 6.6 and i bet you will be ok.


Well the bad news is that I downloaded and tried Nero 6.6 and couldn’t get it to work STILL…

However… tried Roxio 6.0 and it worked just fine! I appreciate all the help spryfry on this… kudos to you.


my pleasure…as an aside, roxio and nero are know to cause conficts between each other. if you uninstalled roxio nero will likely work. either way you should only have one installed at any one time. personally i prefer nero…


I’ll keep that in mind cause I did have them both installed when I did this… appreciate the help again very much.