ND-3500a fw 2.07



Hi. Is there any possibility to get the ND-3500a Firmware 2.07? Is a hacked firmware out? I’ve heard 'bout the tdb v2.77 hacked 1616n version. Is there any fw out for tdk 1616n? where can I get binaries and dos flasher, cause I don’t think that it’s possible to do this in Windows, right? :confused:
Thanks, jh.
edit: what’s important for me is: riplock free and bitsetting sl.
bitsetting dl is unimportant!


err… have you checked the “Read first”-Threads?


2.07 and 2.08 firmwares are TDK firmwares which DO NOT support anytype of bitsetting
Best firmware is Mad Dogs 2F8…for me


i used herrie’s 2.17 and it does great for me! easy to install!!!