ND 3500a firmware ? Double Layer PROBLEM

i have 2 nd3500 drives
one is internal on a PC, ones external on a Mac
neither will burn DL discs (the mac will burn verbatim only), burns singles and cd fine
i am wondering if its a firmware issue (the burner says it burns +r DL)

i updated the firmware on the PC (v2.58) and it started to burn the disc then died saying could not finish disc at once (44% was done)
i assumed this is where the layer break was

does anyone know the best firmware version to burn DL discs on the 3500a?

or if you have an idea what else might not be right causeing the problem

I’m sure you are using crap DL media.

I can only recommend Verbatim DL, all other is more or less crap and a waste of money & time.

The version 2.58 are for an 3500A OEM. Look for newer firmware.

Latest firmware for NEC 3500A are 2.1A. http://www.de.nec.de/softwareoverview2.php/id/1333

fuji is crap??

thanks flashed with 2.1a will test it when i am back monday with a blank

It’s the mediadye Fuji uses, that’s the problem. Probably RITEK D01, which is known to give many burners trouble.

i flashed with 2.1a and verbatim and fuji now work
thanks guys

does anyone know if i could hook up my external lacie d2 with a 3500a (used on a mac) to my pc at work, flash it, take it home to the mac and it would work?

i can’t find a mac firmware update

Should work, but only with windows flashers then.