ND-3500A bitsetting question

I’m going to buy my very first DVD burner, and it’s probably going to be the 3500. However, I’m a bit concerned about using un-offical firmware. My question is: Can the 3500 do bitsetting with the official firmware? AnandTech mentions it’s bitsetting capability, and I assume they used the official fw.

And one more question: If I have to use un-offical fw to do bitsetting, it’s probably going to be 2C8SE (automatic bitsetting sounds good to me). But this fw is a modified TDK fw. Are the TDK and NEC the exact same drive? This “cross-polinating” makes me a bit worried.

Thought I’d ask just to be absolutely sure. Thx.

The official NEC firmwares only allow bitsetting for double layer discs. TDK’s firmware auto bitsets DVD+R to DVD-ROM and MadDog’s latest firmware allows you to bitset DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R-DL

All drives have identical hardware, the only difference is the firmware, but all firmwares are created by NEC for their OEMs.