ND-3500A: bitsetting DVD+R/+RW/+R9, RPC1 & no Riplock

Hi there,

I have got a ND-3500A for christmas yipee.

After reading in this forum, I think it is best to choose “Liggy & Dee V2 Beta2”.
But it is v2.18 only.

Quikee Version3 Beta3 is v2.28, but doesn’t have bitsetting on DVD+RW.
Which one to choose?

And another question: Is bitsetting needed for SL only?
I haven’t seen a modded firmware, giving bitsetting to DL.


all modded and unmodded firmwares have DL bitsetting support… And there is no difference from 2.18 and 2.28… except the bitsetting part

hi quickee i have an OEM NEC 3500 drive. in th elink that you put here, can i flash my drive with the official firmware that is there for 3500 nec drive? Since i dont have any firmware previously, do i need to dowload version 2.16 then dowload 2.18(for bitsetting, riplock removal? or can i starightaway download version 2.18 offcial firmware straighaway and flash my drive with that? thanks.

download the firmware you wish… binflash… and flash whatever firmware you wish with binflash…
And the next time don’t PM me and post in any thread the same thing.

ok boss.

Jimmy just use the f…drive like is is and don’t screw it up!!!