ND-3500 v2.TD flash utility hangs

Greetings. I have a NEC ND-3500AG burner connected externally via Firewire. The current firmware is 2.16. When I try to upgrade to Liggy v2.TD, the utility hangs. The OS is WinXPpro-SP1. I’ve d/l-ed the DOS version but can’t find Liggy’s .bin file. Does the GUI flasher not work with external drives? The Gui utility “sees” the drive. What’s wrong with this picture? Regards.

Did you try flashing via USB? I don’t have luck flashing via Firewire.

That should explain everything.

Well i had this problem with an internal NEC 3500AG drive the v2.TD flash stopped at 8 but did say the latter drive had been flashed. A few days later i tried to go back to NEC 2.19 but could not flash it, and had multi colour scrambled blocks on pc start screen. The pc would not boot, i was only able to reflash the drive to NEC 2.16 then later to NEC 2.19 after pc rebooted into windows.

Would it not help these flashers to be needed a power off the pc as the NEC firmwares do it, instead of a reboot.

Am now using NEC 2.19 still but do swap when i have to backup some more dvds :wink: but not since using v2.TD until this hang problem is fixed.

I have since reflashed to NEC v2.18 and back to v2.19 a couple of times to see burn differences with no problems and no differences all ok.

I have flashed this 3500AG many times over and never a problem except with v2.TD so far. It would be interesting to see if any other internal 3500AG drives owners have noticed this happening, a pre bug report for a fix.

Other thing of note is after using the v2.TD i noticed that other flashes do not show new device found. As always used to do before v2.TD on pc restart after a flash. Maybe something or nothing, but at least the drive is still reading and burning. :slight_smile:

Most helpful. Thank you. Missed it in the FAQ. Looks like I have to install this bad boy in another PC to flash it.

no probs with 2TD here :slight_smile:

nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Mission accomplished. Had to take the drive out of the enclosure and set it up as master on another PC. Ran the flashing software and, badda-bing-badda-bang, 2.TD. I’ve done a test burn with some increased speed but continue to observe for awhile. All in all, it’s looking good. Case closed. Regards.