ND 3500 IS BEEPING! wtf?

my drive is beeping! this only seems to occur when burning at speeds over 12x!

it’s kinda like a metallic plink, not really a beep. the case is wide open (no panels at all) and there is nothing touching the drive at all, besides what should be.

touching the drive doesn’t make any difference in the noise. i’m thinking it’s internal.

it happens three times, every 2 seconds.

any ideas?

I had a cdrw that did something similar to that a few years ago. It did last very long after that. Start looking for your next burner…sorry. :sad:

Could be that the media isn’t the best or bad balanced…

Same issue with other media?

It could be a bearing in the motor going bad. Regardless, the drive is probably on its way to the electronics graveyard (AKA the parts drawer/box).


um, i bought it like a month ago…

Return it fast, or get Nec to replace it.

i don’t know if i can return it - what if the store people try to convince me it’s normal?

It’s not normal! My NEC ND2500A (HP 420n DVD-Writer) started making that same exact noise about a week before it died. It was kind of a 3 beep noise. 1 quiet, 1 loud, 1 quiet… but I got it when the computer started up - not while it was writing.

If you easily been persuaded that you are wrong in your claim of defective drive then don’t take back, otherwise don’t let the salesman convince you that you don’t know what are you talking about.