Nd 3500: info on real speed

hi…new in dvd recorder
my system is a nec nd3500…in a p3 933 cpu, hd ata 100 7200rpm
i just bought this recorder
about speed: it takes 25 minutes to copy a full 4,5giga dvd on hard disk…and when i burn at 4X the buffer level jumps always to low levels, and then full, then low…
i am asking about speed: first question, it is normal 25mins to copy a dvd onto hd?
then, it is normal the behaviour of the buffer level when write at only 4X? at 2 of course it is always full…

At 4x speed, the burning process of a full single layer disc should take ~14:30 minutes. The buffer levels should not jump to low levels often, this normally means that the data is not send fast enough to your burner, resulting in buffer underruns (that are prevented by the anti buffer underrun technology of the drive by stopping the burning process for a short time, therefore the whole burning process takes longer).

Your P3 CPU and HDD should definitely be sufficient for 4x DVD burning (they should handle faster speeds also). This really looks like a DMA problem to me. Make sure you have DMA enabled, check the FAQ (sticky thread) for details.

i know this issue…dma is enabled

I had speed problems similar to described when my HDD and DVDrw where on the same IDE channel. Perhaps you could also try updating your mobo firmware as well?

mi firm is up to date
i have 2 hdd on primary
and cd rom e nec on secondary

the first hannel is going in ata 100
and the second in ata 33…since this devices are in ata 33

the system in general is not slow…it is fast…
i don’t think have problems…it is only about nec dvd… :eek:

Some things you may like to check.
1, Have you checked for a motherboard BIOS update?
2, Are your IDE controller drivers up to date, and have you tried the default Microsoft IDE drivers?
3, Have you defragged your harddrive?
4, Are you running background tasks while ripping/burning?

Lastly, to rip a DVD at full speed you will need a firmware for your ND-3500 with riplock removed.

1 bios is ok
2 i have via drivers? how to put microsoft ones?
3 hd is not slow…really… it is ok
4 few programs in bg…but not so important…

get the latest VIA all in one driver file (hyperion driver they call it). also there are extra IDE drivers optimiszed for speed! check http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2

What media are you using?

The “Active OPC” mechanism of the NEC 3500 dynamically adjusts the burning speed during the burning process to guarantee good quality burns. But most discs, even some of the more crappy ones, should allow 4x burning. If you however use some very crappy no name media, this could be another reason for the problems you are facing.

ok i have find one solution
basically it was a matter of active tasks
if i copy to hd, ADN I ONLY DO THAT, i need 11 minutes for 4.5giga…i think it is ok…right?? what you think?

but about burning…no way…4x i have always buffer jumping…with only nero open!!!
i use verbatim MCC…azo 4x

I have the very same problem. I have a similar system but an Intel 815 chipset. The buffer jumps down to 7% several times during 2,4x DVD burning. The funny thing is that 24x CD burning, which is roughly the same speed, doesn’t have any buffer jumping. Can it be a side effect of the “Active OPC”?

Yes… buffer jumping is caused by AOPC. It’s normal for this drive.