ND 3500: Firmware for enabling Disc Quality Testing: What is the story to date?

Is there any patched firmware that will enable an ND 3500A to perform disc quality checks? I got a batch of TY. They play okay but i wanted to see the dirty low down.

I have lurked and searched and read quite a bit. There was an experimental R28 FW apparently that enabled this feature, but it never went public. Did the beta test fail? Is there any hope of R28 in a public incarnation showing up, or am I just out of luck on this.

Most of the threads I have seen on this are a few months old. Sorry in advance if I missed something newer. Gather this is a slightly sore spot with some. Not trolling. Just curious and got tired of searching around for a firmware on my own.

So, What’s the skinny on this? Is there a patched firmware that will serve? Is one coming? Or do I just have to live without a disc quality check? (I’ll survive.)
Thanks in advance for any help and info.

To the best of my knowledge, the experimental R28 FW was never released in any public forum. At least I have never seen it anywhere, and I spend quite a bit of time online looking at such things…

After this long a time, I seriously doubt that Nec 3500 owners are ever going to be able to perform quality scans. My recommendation would have been to purchase a Benq 1640, but it seems as if those are no longer available. Perhaps a Liteon 1635?

Thanks. I fear you are right. Well, disc quality testing is something to consider a must when I buy a new drive. Lightscribe also seems a nice idea… but I’ll have to research it more. Until then I am glad to know that the 3500 has a good rep for burning good discs. Which is good 'cause i can’t test 'em. Cheers,
d:-b ruce