Nd-3500 Efm

Hi all!
I’m going to buy a DVD-burner, it is pretty hard to decide between 1633s and nd-3500.
I’ve heard about tons of advantages in nd-3500, but the only thing I’m worrying about is EFM encoding, if anybody knows smth about such ability in nd-3500, please share. Thanks.

can someone answer his question?

i too am looking at a new burner. My Plexwriter 4012A committed suicide this week, giving me a reason to go out and get another burner.

I already have the NEC 2510A, but i am thinkin of selling it and picking up the 3500AG.

I want to know that i can make backups with correct EMF with the 3500, but i can’t find any info on how many “Sheep” this drive is rated at.

eventually, i’ll get a dedicated CD burner for this as well, but with the turn recently to DVD media games, i’m worried about safedisc and securom protections on DVD discs. Correct EMF is a MUST

any helpers here?

also, can we get a definitive Top 3 of DVD burners and a definitive Top 3 of CD Burners, with focus on types of protection each burner can beat and if the resulting disc can be used in any drive (I hear that the Plextor Premium can back up damn near anything, but discs burned on it can only be read by the Plextor).

Thank you

First you two have to define what you mean by EMF?, the first poster call it EMF and second poster says EFM. Exactly what you meant by these word? then some people might be in a position to help you.

EFM Correction (emf was a typo), aka “2 Sheep burners” via the likes of CloneCD and Alcohol 120% for the purpose of backing up Protected CDs using the likes of SecureRom and SafeDisc 2.5 (and higher)

thanx for the reply!


did you clarify of the NEC ND 3500 is in fact aq 2-sheep burner ?

I am considering buying one of these…

Best regards Jorn

According to my tests the NEC ND-3500AG is only a one sheep burner, whereas the Plextor PX-712A (my other burner) is a two sheep burner.

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I like sheep, hehe. Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow…how did the ND-2510A get to be a 2 sheep burner and teh 3500 only get to be a one sheep burner?? sighs

You have misread the post somewhere the ND-2510A is not 2 sheep its 0 sheep as far as i know.
Also im not to sure that the NEC3500AG is 1 sheep either…
But even if you have a 2 sheep burner it does not guarintee anything with latest safedisc… If you have a liteon you will know this of course…

i have not misread, i have done the test myself

using the Sheep test pack, the 2510A can properly burn, read, and copy back the file created by sd251.bat (for testing safedisc 2.51), indicating a 2 sheep burner. For the record, it also succeeded in burning, reading and copying back the “bad” file and the safedisc 2 (old) file.

doing the same tests with the 3500AG, i had failure on everything but the safedisc 2 (old) file.

i’m personally not caring too much about newer protections since i don’t buy many PC games anymore…but i wanted a working 1:1 backup of Age of Mythology last year and couldn’t get it. I still use the sheep method of telling if a drive is worthwhile or not. after picking up the 3500AG, i can honestly say i’m really disappointed in it not being at the same level as the 2510A as far as EFM goes. On the flipside, i’m real disappointed in the firmware hack community basicly “giving up” on the 2510A.

probably will end up picking up a Plextor Premium or something, unless someone else can point me to a better 1:1 protected disc copier that makes backups that work in other drives.