ND-3500 burns reliably only at 4x and 2.4x suddenly - read errors with higher speeds

A month or so ago as usual I was burning some stuff at 8x on 8x rated media and when doing a verification of the burn, I found out that there were read errors all over the disc.

Up until that point i had been burning very reliably on all sorts of media with my ND-3500, which is well known to be a good burner. So then i tried 4x and 2.4x and it works then with no read errors, just slow downs when running a benchmark with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

When burning at any speed higher than 4x, the burning process completes normally but the data surface of the disc looks strange with circles of what seem to be burn circles, but they vary in intensity and are different all over the surface. The best explanation I can come up with is that the drive doesn’t burn properly (duh!) at any speeds where the speed of the burn has to switch to anything higher than 4x, because at 2.4x and 4x the speed of the burn stays constant, and the color of the surface is the same.

The only thing I remember that changed in the PC is the introduction of a new hard drive a bit before that. I have since then disconnected the hard drive that was in the same channel as the NEC burner in order to test a burn but it’s all the same.

The NEC is a secondary slave and the hard drive is the master on the channel. It’s an nforce2 motherboard with the latest IDE drivers for it, and the settings say it’s on Ultra DMA 2.

I flashed it back to the original firmware as well but no change. I put it on its own power connector and no change.

Another strange thing is that the drive does not read any of my previous DVD+R burns at anything higher than 12x without reading slowdowns. It does however burn and read CD-Rs at the full 48x rated speed.

please post the media id using either dvdidentifier or the DISC INFO tab in nero cd/dvd speed

I haven’t tried burning anything lately with 8x speed due to the aforementioned problem but today I tried an older disc that was a DVD-R (I normally burn DVD+R only) which is a RitekG04 and verified that the data was written correctly. Later today when I come back from work I’ll try the other two DVD+R brands that I last bought and see if either one will burn at 8x.

The burn itself wasn’t flawless, as the reading test showed, there were reading slowdowns in Nero CD/DVD Speed, but at least it burned at 8x. I may be that the only discs that exhibit the severe errors are DVD+R discs.

G04 is good media, but only 4x rated.

Probably your problems are related to cheap 8x or higher rated media.

I own the same NEC3500 and I had a simular problems with my drive before a month!
Find my thread " How I made my NEC 3500AG a DVD-ROM" and read it!
The only way is to buy a new burner as I did. I bought Benq DW1640.
My Nec is still serving me as well it dies slowly…