ND-3500 and DVD+RW bitsetting



Say, is there a special trick for dvd+rw booktype changes? I tried the winbtype program and it only offered DVD+R DL and DVD+R types. Changing the booktype for dvd+r to dvd-rom did not affect by dvd+rw burns (still got dvd+rw booktype). I’m using 2.F8 firmware with TDB’s rip lock changes.

I also tried setting the dvd+rw booktype with dvdinfopro, but it only provided a setting for DVD+R DL.

I’ve successfully changed by dvd+r booktype to dvd-rom using winbtype.


You must format DVD+RW in complete and not in fast mode.


Ok, I tried that, didn’t make a difference. 17 minute full-erase using nero. After the format, dvdinfopro still reports a book type of dvd+rw, both before & after burning new content to the disk.