ND 3500 AG Won't recognise 8.5 GB DL DVD's



Can anyone help. I have an ND 3500 AG. It fails to identify dual layer DVD’s by Verbatim and Traxxdata correctly, indicating that they are full cd’s. As a result I cannot use the Drive with any program that has an auto “burn” feature and I doubt that it will burn dual layer.

I have contacted NEC who say the Drive will only operate with Verbatim DVD+R9 DL what is the 9 about. Are these the same as Verbatim DVD+R DL?

Advice please




Yes, R9 is the specification (is that the right word?) of dual layer. I think 4.7GB (4.35GB effective) discs are R5. (anyone correct me if I am wrong).


Get 2.17 Firmware and all your DL discs will be recognised by the drive


Verbatim DL media should have been ok with the stock 2.16 firmware. 2.17 firmware will also be fine with Ritek DL media


Where’s a good place to get this 2.17 firmware.


The sticky “NEC firmware and modding links” is a good start. Just look at the top of the NEC forum here.



Thanks, I appreciate it. :iagree: