ND 3500 AG burning DL



Having trouble burning dual layer DVD on my ND3500. Burning starts, but after 2-3 sec the disc ejects with a message “writing comleted successfully”. Behind that window is an error message that says “there was a problem creating a file”. Single layer DVDs are no problem. Media is traxdata +R DL… Any suggestions anyone???

Thank you!!



whar software do you use?



Traxdata uses Ritek media for DL and it isnt the greatest DL media available you may want to try verbetiam DL media instead.


Tried with both Nero and Roxio…thanks!


only use verbatim DL with the 3500 and burn with dvddecrypter.


:iagree: :iagree:


What ako said. I’ve burned two Verbatium D/L with DVDdecrypter without any problem.
ISO Read and ISO Write. Worked for me.

My F/W is Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TB RC2 :bow: :bow:


Tried everything…now I tried the firmware. But it doesnt want to recognize the driver? “target not found correctly” Any ideas?



What firmware version do you have at the moment and what version did you try to flash? You might try Binflash instead of the original NEC flasher.


Is there any scans of the verbatim DL media burns here on the NEC forum. I searched but cant find any.