ND_3250A wont burn music cd's

I have a ND_3250A and wont burn music cd’s. I have no problem burning any type of DVD’s and data cd’s are no problem either just audio cd’s, I’ve flashed to latest firmware but still no joy, i’ve tried using Nero 6.6 and iTunes to burn but no joy. There is a second Drive in this machine and it is the very same so it looks like a software issue top me. Any ideas ??

Many thanks


Try Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) as it often works when others fail. It’s free btw.

Also burn at no more than 16x for an Audio CD.

You haven’t actually said what happens when you try to burn these Audio CDs, that would help.

Sorry I should have said, Nero looks like it’s caching the files, then when they are cached it starts to burn, get’s to about 7-9% and then fails with a bad block error.

Is that a bad block on read (from HDD) or for a write? Maybe you should try some different CD-R media. I’d recommend Verbatim as they’re the on CD-R/RW that I use.

BTW you should get the option to save a log from the failed burn. Do so & then post it back here please. Remove your Nero serial number first though.

I’ll save the error log, cheers for the help. How do I set Nero to create Log?

I think you get the option to save it on any failed burn.

New Version of Nero, and new data cables sorted this out, thanks for help