ND-2510A SVR and ND-2510A BGE?

which one is better?
NewEgg said that 2510A SVR have PC 2001 Certification and MultiRead compliant but ND-2510A BGE doesn’t have. Are they difference model? :confused: ND-2510A BGE 86.99 us$
ND-2510A SVR 88.99 us$

From the names, I’d actually hazard an educated guess that the two drives are identical except for colour - one beige, the other silver. If they are different technically then that would be news for us all, since I only thought one version of the 2510 existed.

Faceplate color is the only difference. They might have different firmware installed too.

I would have to agree with this.

Silver faceplate worth for 2 us$!!!
Might newegg intentionally add ‘PC 2001 Certification and MultiRead compliant’ to ND-2510A SVR only?