ND-2510A Problems

I’ve had my ND-2510A for a week or so and have used it heavily with no problems… until now.

Now when I try to burn DVDs I get to about 8% and then it just stops responding.

I tried Nero & DVDShrink with the same results.

I also tried burning a CD on it with Nero and got to about 4% before getting a “write error” and stopped.

I immediatey tried burning the same CD image with my Memorex 52Maxx & Nero which burned with no problems.

Like I said, everything was working fine for about a week.
I burned lots of DVDs with Nero, DVDShrink, Alcohol120%, and DVD Decrypter with no problems until now.

Any ideas?

I have the sam drive. So far t writes perfectly and I am in the 30-40 dvd range now… I do get some problems reading though… I get CRC or I/O errors while decrypting and I have to use my DVD ROM which reads them fine…

No decrypting or reading problems with mine at all.
Just the write errors that I mentioned.

If you guys don’t have any suggestions I guess I’ll be returning it to Newegg.

After making the above statement, I thought I’d better check again.
For some reason DVD & CD audio playback are stuttering on both of my drives.

The only other thing that I installed recently was a WACOM Intuos serial graphics tablet which I removed and had no effect on the problem.

I also removed the NEC drive and I’m still getting audio stutter from my Memorex.

Something is definately screwy.
Like I said, everything was fine for at least a week.

I just reinstalled my NEC and removed the Memorex
Still got audio stutter from the NEC

Audio & Video play perfectly from the HDD

Be interesting to see the stickers on your drive and the front bezel.

If both drives are playing up then I very much doubt you have a problem with one or indeed both. Sounds like a transfer/dma type problem.

I agree with D83, make sure DMA is ENABLED.
If it is already enabled, you may also want to update your IDE drivers or try a different 80 wire UDMA IDE cable.

:bow: D83 and wesociety , you guys are awesome!!!

It was the DMA setting.

My ND-2510A is back to normal with no stuttering and perfect burns.

However, a stange new problem has developed for my Memorex 52Maxx
I have created a new topic for it HERE.

Please give it a look if you have the time.

Thanks to all !!!

please , could somebody tell me if i need specific drivers to install nec2510a on xp professional?
i received a bulk kit, just only the nec and nthing else (no cables, no cds no manuals)

does it should work fine without installing drivers?



No drivers necessary, but you’ll need burning software.

I got the same thing HEGOM, I just plugged it into my secondary master, booted up and XP detected it no problem. I already had Nero 6.xxx(don’t know the exact version number)and once the DVD burner was installed it gave me the option to burn DVD’s instead of just CD’s. Pretty simple stuff.