ND-2510A on Linux

Hi all,

Has anybody used this on a Linux system?

I am looking for a dual-layer capable dvd burner and I have my eyes on this model.

My current one is a Sony DRU-510a and used with a external enclosure running on a Linux system with either USB 2 or FireWire and works like a charm. But now I’m looking for a dual-layer capable and was wondering if anyone has any experience running this on a Linux system internal or using external enclosure? Any praise or problems?


I have a 2500A and it works on linux ( redhat/suse/fedora )
Its got the DL firmware - but I’ve not tested DL burn yet.

Normal single layer DVD+R discs burns fine ( data disc ).

Am not sure if the cdrecord-ProDVD package supports dual layer writing … need to check that too
( unless u use a diff burning package )

Precisely the answer I was looking for.

Are you able to burn up to 8x?
Do you only use cdrecord-ProDVD?
Do you ever use growisofs?

Yeah - I can do @8x with TY media. Other media is OK @4x.

yes I use proDVD - but again have not tried burning a DL disc.
I use mkisofs … Have not used growisofs.

BTW, its kernel 2.6.3 in case you care.

The same with me - no problems with NEC 2500A (TDK 880N exactly - clone). I’m also using cdrecord-ProDVD with X-CD-Roast as a GUI frontend.