ND-2510a Freezes System

I have an NEC ND-2510a DVD writer (firmware 2.16) (other systems specs
below); it’s started to refuse to read CDs and DVDs. I’m not sure is
this problem perhaps related to Windows SP2, or to a previous firmware upgrade.

When I insert a CD or DVD, for about a minute after, no light is seen
on the drive and no noise occurs. Only after about a minute is any
noise heard or light occurs. At each stage, although I can move my
mouse cursor, the system is unresponsive; I can’t bring up the task
manager, activate buttons or use Windows Explorer, for example.

The system only becomes responsive once I open the drive using the
hardware button - though sometimes, the system freezes entirely at this

I’ve tried to use the tools necflash.exe and its Windows GUI
counterpart, winflash.exe, to view details of the current firmware;
however, both of these freeze.

I have been able to use the flash tool supplied by the Dangerous
Brothers (http://tdb.rpc1.org/#ND2510A) and was able to flash the drive
to the original 2.16 firmware; the output indicated this was performed
successfully, but the above problem still happens.

I plan to try the DVD writer on another machine to make sure the
problem is not with the computer. In the meantime, does anyone have
any help?



System specs:

Windows XP Home
Athlon 2600+
Asus A7A266 Motherboard