ND-2510A Firmware?

i got the NEC burner as stated above
im atm runnin it with the official 2.19 firmware.
can anyone tell me which one the best “hacked” firmware for my burner is?
and how do i flash it on it?
thanks in advance

the main reason is i want it to write at better speeds. please help me out.

Did you read this http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120934 ?

What problems are you experiencing with the burn speeds?

yes i DID read that.
but it didnt really help me…
i can burn Sony 16x dvd+r only at 2x
same goes for 16x philips discs
even verbatim 4x only burn @ 2x speed…

It’s not the firmware. 2.19 should allow for Sony D21 (DVD+R 16x) to be burned at 8x.

Firstly I’d check the DMA status of the 2510 if I were you. Look at this thread . Although even if this was wrongly set I’d expect a higher speed than 2x to be attained.

Does your burning app only allow 2x or max or is the 2x the actual speed achieved?

thanks for the fast reply,
nero (the newest version) shows me 8x, 6x, 4x, and 2x speed,
but it always burn at 2x, no matter which speed i select…
ill check that dma stuff out now.

hmm i checked the dma settings.
channel 0 (okay, looks like the one on the screenshot)
channel 0 (same as the one above)
channel 1 (doesnt show anything, the devices box is empty and there are no options…)
channel 1 (doesnt show anything, the devices box is empty and there are no options…)

is that normal?

edit: i also my pc is really slow when i burn dvds…
btw i just installed vista today, and i yet have to test out if it burns better now.
ill try and let you know

It would appear that your burner is on the same cable/channel as the HDD. This is not good. I’d suggest that you get another IDE cable & connect that to the Secondary IDE channel & move the burner to that.

Anyway , what is show as the Current Transfer mode for both devices on the Primary channel? The HDD should probably be Ultra DMA mode 5 & the burner should be Ultra DMA mode 2.

yea, the first channel 0 is mode 2 and the second is mode 5.
and about that cable stuff, is that easy to do?
ive never done anything inside my computer …

It’s easy to do I think but then I’ve been doing it for years.

Perhaps best if you’ve got a reasonably knowledgeable friend to assist but I’ll try to explain.

You’ve got a single cable - probably a flat ribbon - that has one connection on the motherboard and the other 2 going to the hard drive & burner. From what you’ve said the hard drive is probably connected on the middle connection.

What you’ve got to do is get another IDE cable that is 80wired known as Ultra 66/100/133. One end of the cable might be coloured blue or masked as System , this end goes into the secondary IDE port on the motherboard which is right next to the first cable. and the the end connection should now go onto the burner , having disconnected the first cable from it.

This might work just as it is but you maybe have to connect the end connection of the first cable to the hard drive rather than the middle connection. Again this might work but you may have to change the jumpers on the read of the drive from Slave to Master. I can’t tell you exactly what to do here as these vary between drives.

In the meantime , when did you last defrag your hard drive as this can significantly affect performance?