ND-2510A Fail Firmware

I am trying to firstly update the firmware to the lastest official one, but the software keeps on saying its failed.

The drive is the master… and I have disabled the slave drives…

What else can I do?

Also what firmware is best to remove the random “burn 8x at 4x for the hell of it”?

1.) Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
2.) Congratulations for having the good-old 2510 :wink:

3.) What software do you use to flash?
I’d recommend using the DOS-Flasher from TDB. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_file.php?site=tdb1&file=NEC2X00A.ZIP

4.) What fimware du you use?
I’m happy with my 2.F9 (with RPC/riplock removed)
get it here: http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/
(site is down atm, but try in a few hours)


Firstly, thanks for the welcome mate :slight_smile:

I am using the software from the NEC website and trying to upgrade from 2.15 to 2.18

Also I can’t get to the DOS Flasher because offsite linking is not allowed :frowning:

Site was never down!

I will change the link today.

Scorpio: Sorry, my browser couldn’t open your site a few hours ago…now everything works…hmm :confused:

The “offsite linking” was my fault, sorry too :a . I wanted to make it easier for you.
So, here’s the link to the page: http://tdb.rpc1.org/

Good luck!


Don’t matter. Found another link that is not working. It’s too hot here (sitting behind my laptop in the garden with a cold beer) to go upstairs and change the webpage :bigsmile:

I’m sitting in front of my PC in the roof chamber…should move too, but I don’t own a laptop…being jealous :wink:

Bah - I don’t have a floppy drive to get into DOS easily :frowning:

What exactly is the error message and when does it appear (before the flash, afterwards,…)?

The NEC software that does it, reaches about two progress bars and then says flash failed!

That doesn’t look good.
Maybe your drive is faulty :Z

But try the DOSFlasher.
And try in another computer.
And with other IDE cables.
And with the Standard MS IDE drivers.

and… :stuck_out_tongue:

and and and …

too much hassle… i rather just burn the media at 4x :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t be lazy…FIGHT… :iagree:
No, seriously, try all.
Everybody here managed to flash his drive, and you will too.

it’s damn freezing here in australia …

Thanks for the top site ScorpioSoft :bigsmile:

@hshah86 - have you tried using binflash to flash in windows ?

Yes I have tried BinFlash and that just freezes on Sending To Drive!