ND-2510A Drivers



Hello! I just recieved a new OEM NEC ND 2510A DVD drive. It came with NO firmware or DRIVERS. Can anyone tell me where I can get drivers for this. I have been everywhere and read till my eyes are RAW!!! NEC website doesnt even have drivers for this drive. Please Help !!! Thanks in advance!!!


Hello Again, Also should I hook it up as Primary Master and hard drive as Primary slave or secondary master??? Thanks again!


is a good firmware resource, but it doesn’t appear to have firmware for your drive-not surprising since it is so new.

Understand that you don’t need to install drivers for the drive to function, and the pre-loaded firmware should work out of the box.

Your optical drives and hard drives should be on different IDE channels in order to maximize performance.


Thanks for the Quick reply!! So I should put the DVD as Master Primary? and the Hard Drive as Master Secondary??? Thanks in advance


You don’t need any drivers. Your OS has them.

NO FW ???!!! You gotta be kidding, right ? :bigsmile:


Hard drive on primary master.
NEC2510 on secondary master.
No drivers required and firmware is pre-installed.
Just plug it in and away you go… :wink:


Thanks to all who replied!! Ireally appreciate all the info!!!