Nd-2510a Doesn't Read CDRW

i just got this drive and burnt a dvd fine.
but it is having really very hard time reading and exploring CDRW .
it just says please insert disk in drive E:
dvdinfo and nerocddvdspeed says media is there and even lets me erase from nerocddvdspeed but can’t explore.
sometimes says “function not available” sometimes “Please insert disc into drive E:”
I tried with Memorex as well as Verbatim cdrw, both same. I tried same discs in different computer and they work good, donno what’s wrong. It read an audio cdrw but doesn’t give me option to erase when i right click the drive.
now it’s not even reading blank cdrw.
anything i can try here?

You probably still have the stock firmware of version 1.06. Download DVDInfopro and see which one you have. Then download Herrie’s hacked firmware v 1.07v2beta4. This will improve the reading ability as well as the reading and burning speeds.

will do that, i’ve attached the pic of that info.
it says the firmware revision is 2.15
i thought it has 2mb buffer but it says it is 256kb.
is it easy to install new firmware? i mean is it just like updating driver or i have to go somewhere to do it?

It was easy for me, especially since I had the Windows FW updater. I just clicked on the firmware EXE file, it asked me if I wanted to updated it. I said yes and it did it within 30 seconds. Then you restart and you’re done. As far as DOS based flashers I don’t think you’ll need to worry about those ones. Just get the ones that are Windows based and you’ll have no problem at all. Just a click of the button, really.

now it won’t even read blank cdr
not only that the existing dvd rom also doesn’t read the blank cdr and cdrws.
when i insert the bland cdr, windows doesn’t give me the box asking what i want to do with blank discs…
the only thing different in the existing dvd rom is it is now in secondary ide as i hooked nd-2510a in the primary. messing up more…

already burned cdr plays fine :s
i tried the windows updater from harrie’s but it says can’t find 2500 (is it only for 2500?)

You need to flash from DOS if your using a 2510 and want to use Herries 2500 v1.07b5 firmware.

Trouble with CD-R/RW discs are usually due to either packetwriting software (InCD, DirectCD, DLA) or Windows built in CD writing service ( IMAPI ).
Uninstall/disable these features and then try burning/accessing your CD-R/RWs again.