ND-2510A coasters!

Just got a 2510A and after som initial påroblems with DMA I got it running at 8X!
Unfortunatly every DVD I burn at 8X, 6X and 4X becomes a coaster now on the only media I have available now (MCC03 made in singapore sold as Verbatim 8X printable).
The Burn completes sucesfully in Neri but read test in Nero CD/DVD Speed fails and DVDInfoPro says that the disk has multiple read errors!
Any ideas guys???

For notes on my previous DMA trouble see: Previous thread

I would make sure the partion that the file you are creating from is not defragmented.
If i defrag before I burn I’ve never made a coaster no matter what media with 2510A


Normally I would recommend trying other media, but in this case… :confused:

MCC 003 is one of the highest quality media out there and very reliable. I’m using it myself on the ND-2500A and it works great with every firmware…

So if your burns are not any longer interrupted because of Buffer Underruns, I can see no reason for coasters…

Perhaps you were not lucky and got a faulty drive… :sad:


Fragmentation if definatly not tha problem, do it every week never above 5%

I haven’t updated to that version of Nero yet. Maybe the buffer underrun problem is back. Maybe try a different burning utility?

I would try updating the IDE chipset drivers - especially if you have an nforce2 chipset motherboard. I recall another thread where someone fixed their burn errors by simply updating their IDE drivers.
If you do have an nforce2 or any other nvidia chipset, you can use the following utility to determine the version numbers:


The drivers themselves can be downloaded from:


Although I didn’t have any burn problems, I updated the drivers anyway (currently IDE = ver 4.12). There was quite a noticeable difference in burn speeds, and this should really apply to any burner, as it mainly affects the hard drive access speed/throughput. Nvidia apparently made some major performance improvements to the IDE drivers. Hopefully, this will solve your problems, or at least improve your speeds if you do fix them another way :slight_smile:

I’ve haven’t got a nvidia chipset, I’ve got a 865PE based motherboead by Soltek (SL-865Pro2-FGR)

nec is not a good reader. did you tried to read the dvdr in another dvd reader?

The whole purpose of buying a DVD burner was to backup my photos and other importaint stuff så I did not purchase another dedicated reader, so nope only treid the NEC.
IMHO It should be able to read its own recordings???

Yeah, it normally reads its own recordings. My ND-2500 has problems to read cheap Princo DVD-Rs - but high quality media can be read flawlessly.

Since your media are of a great quality, I would recommend to exchange your writer - or send it in for repair.

I think i read something about Nero (the latest version?) and DVD coasters. Try an earlier version of Nero. You might want to look in the Nero forums for more info.

This maybe nothing but nec germany has posted something about 2510a and what nero to use interestingly enough its says to use nero or later not .15, now this could be typo on necs part but maybe not, still could be something to look into, that is if nero releases .16 very soon.

PS it would seem from reading some other posts that real 2510a comes with nero beta software called

DvD Burner ND-Series - drivers needed?
Where can I download current drivers for my device?

The NEC DvD+R/+RW drives are ATAPI-devices, there is no need for
special drivers when using operating systems like Linux, MacOS or
Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 and XP, because the drivers are already
embedded there.

If a DvD burningsoftware does not recognize the Drive as a
CD/ DvD-Burner, all you need to do is to update this software,
you can also contact manufacturer of burning-software for updates.

ND-1000A, ND-1100A and ND-1300A drives will work with version of
NERO Burning Rom and newer.

ND-2500A and OEM`s (ND-2100A, ND-5100A, ND-5500A) needs
at least Nero version and newer.

Dual layer ND-2510A and OEM`s (ND-2110A) needs at least Nero
version and newer.

i know that nero 5.5 recognizes nec 2500/2510 without problems…

Yes you are right, concerning the ND-2500A! But developing version 5.5 was continued for a while when version 6.0 was already out. So is in fact the first Nero version that supports the drive!

The ND-2510A is NOT recognized by any version of Nero 5.5.x.x!


We can clearly see, from the KenW’s last post, that NEC provide a 16b version with a retail ND-2510A.

I think that it’s not reasonless. My drive works just fine with Nero (and some older one’s) but there could be some adjustments, specially made for 2510 in (I supose better reading and maybe bitsetting…) :cool:

Is there anyone who bought a retail NEC-2510A? Any comments…

BTW Sony sales their last DVD-DL with a coupon for free NERO upgrade to the last version.

Actually I found out that the DVDInfoPro quality test fails, but the DVD are read OK!?! Nore Speed test also fails, but since the DVD’s in question contains pictures is it easy to check weather a given file is OK or not!
But I will definatly give a try when I can get a hold of it.

I need Nero too, have problems with RICHOJPN02 @ 8x with Nero

I have web searched till my fingers have bleed, no sign of anywhere In fact if you do find what looks like link to it, it usually points the www.nero.com and only.15 is there.

I just put in the 2510a and Nero keeps telling me the device is “in use” It plays DVDs, but commercial and homemade, fine. But nero can’t access it. Tried a few of the suggestions I found in searching, but nothing helps. Sounds lile the yet to be released may be the answer. Did a search, but found nothing on this version.

Any interim ideas?

not really see if creative cdr software is running or incd is running im using with 2510a and it does not have that error. sad to say mine is 2500 mod so no retail nero .16 here either