ND-2510A Burns Slow?

I installed a brand new ND-2510A in my system to test it before installing in a system I am building for a friend. I temporarily installed it in place of my Sony DRU-510A which works great. The NEC drive will not burn DVD’s faster than 1.8X??? The drive is set for UDMA2. I have tried differnet media, media types and media speeds. I mainly use Memorex media which my Sony has no problems with. I also upgraded the firmware from 2.15 to 2.16. I tried burning some CD’s. It burns CDRW’s at 4X and CDR’s at 18x max. Do I have a bad drive or am I missing something?

Try to connect your burner as secundary master alone. Update your motherboard ide drivers. You can try the Maddog 2.F9 firmware, im using it with no problems.

Connected as secondary master only and upgraded to latest 2.18 official NEC firmware. Drive still won’t burn any DVD’s faster than 1.8x.

But what software are you using? And have you tried diferent media?

Roxio 7.0 & 6.0. Use mainly Memorex media.

not likely it is at udma 2
download cd/dvd speed here and do the burst rate test. if you are not above 20MB you are not udma2

Ok the burst rate is 18 MB. I have the latest Asus bios for my PC4800 Deluxe MB, the bios states the drive is set for UDMA2. Under device manager the secondary IDE reports the drive is using UDMA2???

Also tried a new cable and reinstalled the latest Intel 875P chipset drivers.