ND-2510A: 84% CPU at 8x reading?

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently bought an ND-2510A and I get the following figures with Nero CD-DVD Speed:

1x 8 %
2x 14 %
4x 26 %
8x 84 %

I have an Intel PIII 1 Ghz, so it’s far from state-of-the art, but are those figures reasonable for my setup? I have verified that I’m using UDMA-2, that I’m using an 80 ribbon cable, that I’m not using the Intel Application Accelerator software and the drive’s configured as a primary slave.

Any ideas?

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I think most people setup the dvd burner as a master instead of a slave.

Do you think changing the master/slave configuration really would affect CPU-usage? Hm, interesting…

Has anyone else any comments on those numbers? I’m just curious if 84% should be considered un-normal CPU-usage at 8x with a 1 Ghz PIII.


Having a Tualatin Celeron 1.2 GHz with SDRAM I can comment: it’s normal.
Or at least I have roughly the same CPU usage values and mine is sec. master.

I have a P4 1.7 GHz, primary slave configuration, and I get 8%, 14%, 26%, 73%. You should be fine.

Sounds about right to me. :slight_smile:

Remember that 1x DVD = to 9X CD
so 8X DVD = 72x CD thats is ALOT of DATA moving inside the case :wink:

Just for comparison…

I have a AMD XP 3000+ w/400 MHz FSB and it uses ~50% CPU at 8x, which surprised me as well.

Is DMA turned on? It can make a big difference.

You must be joking. Without DMA you won’t reach 8x.

Thanks for your input folks! Up until last week, I’ve been burning CD-R’s at 4x (yes, really! My old Plextor SCSI-drive has finally been replaced!) so I haven’t really realized just how much more system resources fast modern burners use.

But when I’m burning DVD-R’s at 4x my system gets extremely busy, I can barely browse the web. Does having the burner and the hard drive on the same IDE channel slow things down? I think I’m gonna try burning data from a drive that’s on the other IDE channel.

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" Does having the burner and the hard drive on the same IDE channel slow things down?"
Yes, bad setup.

Not exactly. It is closer to a myth than a truth.

Some people think the hdd will work at the same speed (DMA33) with the CD-ROM drive. Well, some motherboard did so, when… the senior Bush was the president. :slight_smile:

In principle, up to date hardwares can handle such setup and not lose any performance. But, you know, a lot of unreasonable things happen in the computer world, so it is natural to advise not to do so unless it is inevitable.

Duron 1600 here, and 2510A (sec master) reading:
9%,13%,24%,90% CPU util.

But in Task Manager I get 95% all the time!! is this normal?

But IDE connections can only carry one instruction at any given time. Two devices working at the same time on the IDE channel can only make things slower.


At 8x with DVD-R the CPU usage never goes above 25%
And I only have XP 1800 processor.
The drive is alone as secondary master, hdd primary master.

Well, no one want to free an IDE channel while the other is fully occupied.

I’m talking to those who believe HDD+ODD makes the HDD work 10 times slower than one in HDD+HDD. :slight_smile:

Those readings seem normal. I have Ahtlon64 3400+ 1024DDR RAM and the CPU usage at 8x read is about 54% when I do the Nero CD/DVD speed test.

I don’t think the numbers are reliable. I just performed a test on my JLMS XJ-HD 166S (pri sla) and the NEC ND-2510A (sec mas) with a pressed Video-DVD5. I have an Athlon 1400MHz (Thunderbird) running on a KT266 chipset (MSI K7T266 Pro).