ND 2510 FW2.0T >bitsetting FW

A quick newbie question here, I’ve searched the forum but could not find anything related to FW 2.0T that came with my OEM ND-2510. Can this FW be flashed to ones with SL bitsetting FW such as Mad Dog 2.F8, HP etc.


Before flashing a new firmware, you should dump this firmware and send it to TDB. I have not heard of this version before.

That is an interesting firmware version. According to NEC’s usual naming scheme, that should be a very new firmware. Please make a backup of it using BinFlash or TDB’s DOS Flash tool and send it to some of the Gurus or use Quikee2’s utility to see info about the firmware and copy and paste that information within code tags here.

Yeah, what Liggy said :wink:

Thanks for the quick replies. I assume you are saying that I can update 2.0T FW directly to something that will allow me to do SL bitsetting (+R and +RW). I like this feature a lot as I recently did it on my LG4120 in another system. Do you recommend NEC 2.F8 (08/11/04) or is there something better?

I will use Binflash and post the info as soon as I read the instructions. However, let me describe this 2.0T FW (according to Nero infotool) a bit more. It came with my new Emachines T3256 a couple of months ago. It has bitsetting for DL but not SL. According to DVDInfo and WinBType V2, it has command ver 2. Read speed is 8X.

I think Liggy and dhc014 would like you to dump the firmware you have on it now 2.0T and save it so you can send it to someone to look at before you change it. Binflash has the option to dump (save) it to a location of your choice on your hard drive. Rare firmware you have there.

Just put the kids to bed so I have a bit of time now. I have the .bin file from Binflash which I uploaded using the “Manage Attachments” option below. Hope it works. We shall see!

Returning to the bitsetting firmwares: there are various options eg 2.F8_QB3.rar, 2F8RPC.rar. What are the differences between these? Could I flash directly from 2.0T ?

nope don’t see it.

Returning to the bitsetting firmwares: there are various options eg 2.F8_QB3.rar, 2F8RPC.rar. What are the differences between these? Could I flash directly from 2.0T ?
use binflash and you sure can falsh directly to them. as far as the differences go you will have to read the various threads to see what differences are included in each one

Looks as though Valid file extensions for file attachments are bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt zip. I have converted it to zip and uploading it again.

Don’t see the attachment anywhere in the reply box! What am I doing wrong?

Use “postreply” then use the “manage attachments” button. Browse and upload. After you submit your reply the attachment should be there.

Did exactly that - verbatim. Anyhow - thanks - I emailed you.

2.0T 10.08.04 0T

CD-R Version: 1.15
CD-RW Version: 1.14
DVD-R Version: 1.34f
DVD-RW Version: 1.27f
DVD+R Version: 1.34f
DVD+RW Version: 1.25f
DVD+R9 Version: 1.15f

RipLock Not Removed

It says it too large to attach. Where can it be emailed to?

So this is essentially 2.16 firmware. If I remember correctly, last week I could not update to v2.17 from this version!

NEC firmware resource webpage by cdfreaks member ScorpioSoft:

Thats a good place to compare the versions.
There are a couple of different fws that match up with that one.

Could anybody send this firmware to me, so I can put it on the webstite. Thanks.

There does not seem to be an option to attach files >1MB. Can you send me an address?

You got a PM

You can also use this


@ ScorpioSoft: Sent the file.

Got it, thanks.

:frowning: Rather old firmware…