ND-2510 doesnt work with InstantCopy 8



Just a few days ago I’ve sold my old (working as a clock) ND-1100A and I bought a ND-2510A. Now I regret it. :a
I am using mostly Verbatim DVD+R and I still have a rest of my old batch (about 40 pcs.). Can you imagine my disapoitment when the first few burned disks doesn’t want to read to my stacionary DVD player. They were created with a Pinnacle InstantCopy8. They are still readable in 3 other DVD-ROM PC drives.
Just for fun I’ve tryed to write a DVD+RW disk(Verbatim). This attempt was even more amazing because it was fully readable in the same DVD player which doesn’t want to read the DVD+R. :confused:
I’ve copyed the DVD+RW to a DVD+R using NERO (last version) but the result disc was still not readable on the stacionary DVD player.

:bow: Can you guys help me - I don’t know what to think? Is it the firmware problem (original 2.5) or it is a InstantCopy (Nero) problem? Any solutions? I prefere not to flash the drive with some Beta versions if possible. How can I check the bit settings … or anything ? :a :a :a


What’s the model # for your standalone?
You can check its’ media compatibility HERE.
If it’s not DVD+R compatible, you’ll have to load a hacked firmware to allow bitsetting and set the booktype to DVD-ROM to allow your player to recognize the discs.


My standalone is EuroLine 6722M and if I read what’s written in here then I have to agree that DVD+R is not available for it (only DVD-R/RW, DVD+RW).
:slight_smile: But what are you gonna say if I have already 87 DVD+R, recorded on the mentioned above ND-1100A, perfectly readable on the same standalone :slight_smile: ?

I have also 6 DVD+R discs, recorded on Philips DVD824, which are also perfectly readable.

It must be something wrong with my new ND-2510A :confused: . I’ve noticed also that the trail which the burner left on the disc is not so visible as the old discs. I have recorded the discs on their 4x certified speed. Personaly I think that the ND-1100A records deeper and may be that’s the reason that the standalone read these discs. There is another question about the quality of the record, made with ND-2500A.

Is there existing hacked firmware for 2510 with bitsettings? I have found it just for 2500. I bought a DVD DL and I don’t want to make it SL, hacked to DL.

If I backup the original firmware, can I be 100% sure that it can be loaded back with no lose of settings of the optical head? Is it possible that NEC can see that the drive was flashed on eventual return to the factory?


Herrie will be releasing a 2510 hacked firmware soon that will keep the 2510 ID string.
Yes you can always back-up and reload your original firmware, which does not physically affect any of the hardware except the flash memory.


I just check some of my old media (recorded with ND-1100A) with DVDinfoPro.
It says “Book Type - DVD-ROM :slight_smile: ; Media Type - DVD+R”. :slight_smile:

A new disc, recorded with ND-2510A say “Book Type - DVD+R :frowning: ; Media Type - DVD+R”

I guess that’s the reason why my standalone can not read the new recorded discs anymore.

I think it was kind of stupid that NEC goes back to the “correct” bit settings since they already had them “wrong, but good enough for me” on one of their first DVD drives ND-1100A. I am very disapointed :a :confused: .

I guess we just must wait until Herrie make the new Firmware with bit settings for DVD-ROM book type. :bow:
Herrie, I am new in this forum but I have experience in the SW world, so with your much advanced knollage about DVD FW’s, if you can give me the NEC’s hex interpretation of the book types, then I can try to make a FW for 2510 with good Book type. :wink:

Until then - does someone knows a firmware for EuroLine 6722M with hacked book types (allowin it to play correctly DVD+R)?
Me and a friend of my published this about the 6722M at once when it came on the marked (there is information about the FW unlock and a inside picture of my player) but we didn’t make any further research on it.


I bought today a few Verbatim DVD-R and I burned them on my ND-2510A.
Now they are playing with no problems on my standalone.

Conclusion: The problem is really in the standalone (doesn’t play DVD+R media :frowning: ) but still ND-1100A was burning DVD+R as DVD-ROM (plays perfect on the same standalone). Why ND-2510A does not set the book type as DVD-ROM:confused: :confused: :confused: NEC, that’s really bad :frowning: .

Waiting for bitsettings from Herrie to fix this only problem with ND-2510A :bow:
I realy do not understand the people who want to burn a slow recordable media faster :rolleyes: There is no garanties that this record will be good. Maybe good inough today, but what about tomorrow? The only issue is Ritec 8x which does write @4x but NEC says that’s because of the various quality of the media. Anyway they promiced to fix it in next official release.
I beleave that the only thing necessary now is bitsettings :a


I have an old Apex 600a dvd player which will only play DVD+R now that I am able to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. I’m using v107v2dl on the 2500. Thanks, Herrie. :slight_smile:



NEC corrected the “wrong” bitsetting from the 1100A. There is no reason to blame NEC for this, as most writers do “correct” bitsetting. Changing the booktype is a goodie, that most companies don’t offer, because it is out of any existing standard and is only for compatibility to some “old” standalones.

Why don’t you flash to Herries 1.07v2b5dl?
You need to download the DOS version and flash in real DOS. After that, the drive will show up as 2500A but it is in fact the firmware from HPs 520, which is an OEM 2510A. If you don’t want media speedups, you can download the HP520 firmware 2.21 from TDB and flash it. The drive will also show up as 2500A, but you’ll have an “original” HP firmware and you can change the booktype in DVDInfoPro.

There will never exist a modified NEC firmware with bitsetting, only those from HP or other OEMs!



Just confirmation.

I’ve flashed my ND-2510A with TDB’s 2500R221 and I have now a ND-2510A with bitsettings, RPC1 and rip lock :bigsmile: . It still shows as a ND-2500A but that’s because of a string in the FW (it doesn’t limit any capability of the drive - it’s just a wrong DVD name, shown in the application). The FW is based on HP520n (OEM NEC) - also a DVD DL, so there is no compromices.

Then in DVDInfoPro I’ve set the Book type for DVD+R as DVD-ROM.
The disk has been burned under NERO and voila :smiley: - It’s now readable on the named above DVD standalone. The feeling is good :bigsmile: .

Thanks guys, Herrie and TDBros!

Note: I’ve checked the bin above and a HP520n221 under a hex editor. They matched exactly except the name of the drive. So if someone try it, will get a HP name of hes drive.
I’m sure, Herries FW 1.07v2b5dl will work great also.


i’m having the EXACT same problem- i had an hp300i and all the dvdr+ i burned played perfectly on my apex 600a ( they read as discboom= dvdr+ and book type as dvd rom)

all the new ones burn as dvdr+ book type dvdr+ and will NOT play in my apex- im a newbie and do not know what flashing all all this means- but how do i make my player work the way i want it too?