ND-2500A with DVD+R-DL support?

Okay, I’ve been reading of a lot of web articles which kind of flip flop on this issue, so I thought I’d just ask here. Is the ND-2500A capable of writing DVD+R-DL discs, and if it is, how? I read a post on this forum about changing the firmware to the ND-2510A, bit setting (no clue what that means), and ‘top run’ or something like that, and it’s really confusing me. Can anyone explain this to me, in a simple manner? :smiley:

Okay, reread a description of bitsetting from the sticky above (yes, I did read them :)), and I think I get that now. Still unsure about the DL capabilities of 2500A…:frowning:


ND-2500A and ND-2510A have the same hardware. NEC talks about adjustment of the optical pickup unit, but that’s bulls**t. The only difference is the firmware!

You can flash your ND-2500A with the ND-2510A firmware and them you have a ND-2510A! :slight_smile:

Go to the Dangerous Brothers’ site and download the flasher and the firmware (2.15 is latest “official”). You have to flash in real DOS!

You can also use Herries ( :bow: ) most recent firmware 1.07v2b5dl. It is based on a HP 520n firmware (OEM ND-2510A) and supoports dual layer as well as bitsetting (make DVD+R(W) “look like” DVD-ROM to older stand alone players and DVD drives, that normally can’t play DVD+R(W)). It also contains speedups for certain media (make 4x media burn @8x). You can flash it in Windows as well as in DOS. A final version is planned for near future.

Hope this helps you for the moment! :wink:

Mrrr…Windows and DOS. Any source code available? (asks from within his Linux box) :smiley:

EDIT: BTW, is everyone else <b>extremely</b> excited about burning DLs when they find out, cuz I’m dying to test this out. :iagree:

Well… don’t even install DOS or Winblows! Just grab a DOS boot disk image from http://www.bootdisk.com, put the firmware you want on another floppy, boot DOS disk, and voila! You can flash your drive in DOS, and right after return to your Linux box!

AFAIK there’s no flasher available for Linux.

Don’t you have a DOS bootdisk?

grrr… double post… too slow again… :frowning:

Nah, rebooting to DOS isn’t a problem. I’ve got hundreds of Windows 95 boot disks floating around here. Still, having a Linux version would be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I have to admit I was excited to burn my first one.

Now, not really. :slight_smile:

With discs costing $15 apiece, the excitement wears off real quick.


Huh? I saw one at Best Buy in a pack: 1 DVD+R DL, 1 DVD+RW, 8 DVD+Rs, for like…(checks Best Buy again)…$30. Okay, thought it was $20. Still, for hot media, $15 isn’t bad. I remember when 360 KB 5.25" floppies were around $30 a box, for 10. <b>Unformatted!!</b> :smiley:

Hahha, okay.

Considering that most people are probably wanting dual layer media to copy dual layer DVD videos, it’s probably cheaper (and more compatible) to buy the original. :slight_smile:

For people who are creating their own DVDs for distribution, then it might be more tolerable.

Yeah, but I only use DVDs for data storage and backup. Cheaper and faster than DAT tapes. XD Still, I felt a little ripped off when I found out I bought my DVD-/+RW just before the DLs hit the market. :frowning:

And burning a single layer DVD will still be cheaper and faster than burning a dual layer DVD. A lot cheaper, and considerably faster.

And more compatible. Initial tests show DVD+R DL media as not as compatible with PC DVD-ROM and DVD recordable drives as DVD+R/-R media.

It will also be cheaper and faster and more compatible to burn TWO single layer DVDs instead of ONE double layer! And I think this won’t change until next year…

Hahah, well that’s what I meant.

Damn numbers. :rolleyes:

Oh I agree…but still, the notion of having it, and being able to use it far outweigh the current costs of actually doing it. I even weighed the costs of an LS-120 drive years ago, instead of getting a 1.44 floppy in my system. The disks for that are still expensive. :slight_smile:

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