ND-2500A will not read DVD's

I just bought a brand new ND-2500A burner. It will read CD’s fine but not DVD’s. It spins for about 20 seconds and the lLED goes out and says Media not inserted and it doesn’t matter if it is a blank DVD or a Movie from the store. The DVD movies are readable by my DVD player so I know it isn’t the DVD. I have NTI CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum installed along with MyDVD 4.0 by Sonic and also Visual Studio 7. I have tried alot of different software but the result is still the same. I have also tried to switch it from the Master Drive to Slave and that didn’t help.
I have read all I can find and unless I missed it nobody has posted this problem any where I can find. Windows XP identifies the drive properly. Any ideas would be welcome as I am new to the DVD scene and this NO MEDIA INSERTED is driving me more mental than I already am.
Thanks in Advance for your time.

20 seconds is about how long my ND-2500A that failed completely yesterday tries to identify a disc.

I think your drive is dead on arrival. For a confirmation, try inserting a disc with no operating system running (or just power but no data cable in the drive). If it behaves the same, this implies it is indeed a dead drive.


i’ve had mine 3 weeks. it had trouble detecting a region1 dvd(new) which played straight away on my player. it would recognise at all a second one, which also played no bother on my player. i will exchange it for a pioneer model while i have the chance.

Thanks David,
It does act the same way so I assume by your post the drive is dead. I will return the drive for exchange. Thank you for your time and Info!