ND-2500A stopped recognizing CDs!



I have a NEC ND-2500A (Firmware : 1.06 factory installed) which I bought about 8 months ago. It suddenly stopped recognizing CDs, however it still reads and burns DVDs without a problem. But not a single CD is recognized :confused: . I normally use my other drive to read most of the stuff, and use the burner mostly to burn DVDs therefore I am not exactly sure when it stopped reading CDs but it shouldn’t be more than few days ago, cos about a week ago I burnt a CD on it.
Do you guys have any clues to why this has happened? Are there two heads for CDs and DVDs ? I thought there is only one multipurpose head??


The laser in your drive is multipurpose, however it uses two different laserbeams: an infrared beam for CDs and a red beam for DVDs.

I’ve heard of more cases in which a drive stopped recognizing CD’s. I believe that most of the time it was caused by hardware failure. You could try if the drive has the same issues when installed in a different pc.