ND-2500A shows as CD-ROM, cannot burn!

Its really strange. My ND-2500A displays as a “DVD-RW Drive” in Explorer but as soon as I put some disc in it, it switches to “CD-ROM Drive”, and I cannot burn any DVDs despite trying several brands of discs (TDK, Traxdata).

It can read both CD and DVDs, so the cabling seems fine. The firmware is v1.06.

I have WinXP Pro SP1, no other problems. I replaced my old DVD reader with the ND-2500A, and I havent had any DVD-writers installed previously.

I have had Daemon Tools installed, but after uninstalling them, the problem persists.

I have uninstalled older NERO versions and “cleaned” afterwards with Aheads’ tool.

I installed Adaptecs ASPI drivers but the problem is still there.

I have “uninstalled” and then “installed” the drive in Hardware Manager but to no avail.

THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE! Please tell me there is some quick fix for this!

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Nygren


Mine shows up as a CD Drive in XP but burns pefectly when I put a disk in.

What exactly happens when you try to burn in Nero? Do you get an error message?

I presume you are aware that only Nero 6 supports the ND-2500A (I’m using Nero with no problems at all). You can hex-edit the driver in Nero 5.5 if you must (details are elsewhere in the forums - if necessary I’ll post a link), but no version of Nero 5.5 supports the ND-2500A “out of the box”.

I see the same as you - my drive shows in XP as a DVD-RW drive until I put a blank disc in it - at which point it shows as a CD drive of some description. However this is only cosmetic.


What happens when you are in Nero and you press the little dropdown that will change from CD to DVD? Do you not see that dropdown at all?


I’ve got no problems - I can switch to DVD in that drop down menu and write any kind of DVD that Nero supports.

Are you able to select your ND-2500A as a writer in Nero or not? If not, and you’re already on Nero, then your problem may be that you’ve got an OEM version of Nero that only supports a limited subset of drives. If you install again without your serial number (you may need to delete that from the registry) does Nero then work in trial mode - if so, that’s the problem, and you’ll have to buy a Nero upgrade.


Guys, thanks a lot. I finally got it working but I cant really tell what made the difference. Many thanks for your help!