ND-2500A questions



hi guys…
i have a problem finidng this drive here,itsnt available at all…and i have some questions.
i know that TDK 880 and HP 420i are rebadged NEC 2500 drives but can i use Herrie’s modded firmware or any other firmware on them? is it possible to force flashing the drive to an NEC drive? can i go back to the old drive?

are there any other drives that are rebadged NEC 2500 drives?
do the NEC 2100 and the 2500 share the same components? means if i flashed the 2100 to a 2500 with TDB’s flasher and then used herries firmware on it,will it work like an original 2500 with a patched firmware ??
last question,is this drive able to produce good burns on cheap media?

i know thats alot of questions but i want to buy this drive and i really need help.
thanks alot guys


All the answers are ‘Yes’
As for the rebadged drives, Maddog as well.


thanks BoSkin.i’ll go search for the drive now.