ND-2500a problem reading/writing DVD



Hi all,

Something (“the devil”) made me try one of those hacked firmwares and now my ND-2500A won’t read or write to DVD-R’s. The upgrade went fine (or at least didn’t display any errors - went to 1.07b2v5 first, all the drive information appears correct but the drive doesn’t recognize empty (or recorded) DVD-R, also in Nero instead of 4x as max speed, it now shows 2.4 and 2.3 as the total speed available.
I tried to flash back to the 1.06 version my drive originally had, using firmware from this page (dangerous brothers)
and again, it seems to have flashed ok, drive shows version 1.06 now but it won’t recognize a DVD-R disc. Any ideas? It will recognize and read a CDR just fine.

Update: store bought DVD-ROM gets recognized.


Nevermind, I’m retarded… all it needed was a reboot :)))))