ND-2500A only burn at 4x, way?




I have an ND-2500A DVD burner with firmware version 1.07. I trying to burn at 8x with a program called DVD Decrypter but it’s only burns at 4x (I using of course 8x DVD-R discs) so I checked the information about my burner in Nero Info Tool i saw it was set up with 4x but couldn’t change it to 8x becuse there was only possible to change from 2x to 4x, so my question is what will I do? how do I congigurate my burner so it burns at 8x

Please help! :sad:



I’ve got the 2500A and had this problem with 8x -Rs only burning at 4X. This was for Ritek G05s. Fixed by flashing it with the firmware found at this link. I won’t detail how to do it as it’s already explained in detail within this forum.