ND 2500a (herries 1.07 beta 4) and BYTECC

Hi, I just succesfully upgraded my FW 1.06 to 1.07 Beta 4 (I use DVD+RW regularly, this is why I didn´t choose FW 1.07 Beta 5)

My drive is enclosed in a Bytecc Dual USB 2.0 / Firewire. In this case I used USB 2.0, but both binflash and Herrie´s Wingui installer failed to Flash it using USB 2.0

I took the drive out of the external enclosure and put it in IDE. Then I succesfully Flashed my drive. After doing so, I put my 2500a back to the external enclosure, and I noticed that the led on the enclosure, doesn´t changes it color when reading or writing, as it did before flashing. Tried everything with no success, any ideas?

If the drive is functioning as expected, I’d leave it alone. My Bytecc cases usually flash red when certain operations occur, but I’ve never really figured out when and why they should do so. I have noted however, that the IDE connecter in the Bytecc case is not “notched”, so you can easily connect it upside down. But usually this results in a non-functioning burner.

As an aside, if you have Nero installed, try removing any ASPI layer that is installed, (KillASPI), then copy the Ahead WNASPI32.DLL file into your System32 folder. You can also download that file from Ahead. This “might” allow some firmware flashers to work with USB2 drives.

Hi, thanks for that fast reply!

Before changing to FW 1.7b4, the red led light on the Ext enclosure ALWAYS flashed in synchronization with the green led light of my ND 2500a. But, for some reason, now it won´t do it anymore! I just Flashed to 1.7b4 yesterday. I haven´t encountered any problems other than this red light not working but I can live with that! I can only think that this failure to flash with Bytecc EE has something to do, as I had to turn off the EE power to have the drive back online (binflash reported error during flash, and the led light on the drive wouldn´t stop blinking)

I read someone that succesfully flashed his 2500a with the same encloure connected to a laptop, strange…

Now, how do I kill my current ASPI, and put WINASPI32?