ND-2500A freez computer

Hello to all.

I have tried few DVD/RW FROM NEC model ND-2500A ON different computers all are Pentium 4 2.8GHz- some are MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASUS moterboards. all have ATI Graphic cards from Radeon Series 9000x. My problem is that The computer is freezing on AUTORUN. When I insert a CD or DVD or any media in the DVD try and close it. the PC start the autorun and froz out. nothing help but RESET. If I disable the AUTORUN in the registry (XP) all works fine. But I need the AUTORUN. Where is the problem??

Hi ya. thats really weird. just a thought can you try to reinstall it or put it on another controller if you have one. maybe try slave but i hear that it can have UDMA problems from what i hear on this forum. sorry i can’t be of much more help. :frowning:

I had somewhat similar problems. Searched everywhere for an answer. Did not find anything. Finally figured out it was due to Norton Antivirus. If you have NAV go to the options tab for NAVand uder the advances tab uncheck the option to: “Scan all removable media for boot viruses every time it is mounted”
Hope this helps you!

I have put the DVD on there different computers with different Motherboards (ASUS, GIGABYTE,MSI) with the same problem. I replaced three diffrent NEC DVD/RW with the same results. However if I install an LG CD/RW or Sony DVD/RW the problem disappears and every thing work fine. I have the feeling that NEC have some hidden problem with Windows XP - Or some Hardware fuck some where.

Yes I have Symantec Nortom anti virus 2004 installed. I well try disabling the Norton antivirus and well keep you posted. Thanks

I have the same problems with freezes but don’t have dependence on disk insertion. I also have NAV 2004 Pro and now disabled the specified above option. Hope that will have.

In my case computer just freezes sometimes and there are no any visible specific conditions or some kind of time intervals. It can freeze right after the boot or later or it can work day, two or 5 and then just freeze. I thought it’s a problem with my computer, but seems it relate to NEC 2500 because when I remove it everything is just fine.

I have Tyan Tiger MPX-4M dual AMD motherboard, Windows XP and AMD EIDE drivers installed. Maybe the drivers case the problem, maybe not. But this issue really bother. I made two coasters on DVD in my life and both happend when computer frozen in time of writiing. Other disks were fine. I know that’s not the disks, but something else.

Yours, Maxim.