ND_2500A firmware ver. 1.N5 ? Anybody know anything about this?



I just bought a new drive that’s supposed to be an NEC ND-2500A. Both Nero InfoTool and DVDINFOPRO confirm that it is, but they also show a strange looking version number (1.N5) for the firmware.

Does anybody know anything about this firmware? Also, can this drive be flashed with Herries hacked firmware?

I’m going to try to backup this firmware, using The Dangerous Brothers’ utility, in case it turns out to be something new or different.



date on the drive (manufacterer date)?


Looks interesting! Please send me a backup when you get it with TDB’s utility!


I could send you a little tool that displays the version numbers of the implemented writing strategies. So we could compare that with other firmwares.


Was it a stock nec drive or a rebaged one? i have a new nec2500a manufacturer date of April 2004 and it came with 1.06.


Send it to me and I’ll try as soon as I get a chance. I’m really swamped today. Also, I’ll send the firmware to Herrie as soon as I get it dumped.

It is a bulk drive that just came in a plastic bag. I bought at a computer show for $85 US. There’s a white sticker on top that says NEC 8x DVD ± R, a date of 05/04, and the serial # which matches what Nero Infotool shows.



Nero Infotool screen shot :slight_smile:


Hmmz might be a ‘Mount Rainier’ firmware, since there seems to be one available according to some sources :slight_smile:


I’ve got the firmware dumped and zipped, but I don’t know how to send it to you. There’s no email button on your post and when I try to attach the file to a reply, error msg says file too big.





Herrie, how come the mount rainier box aint checked in the nero info tool then? Or does nero have to be updated to support it, i.e. the feature isn’t read from the fimware itself.


This drive do not support Mount Rainier with any of the released firmwares so far.


have you cheked the firm?
any differences? :confused:


Dear Liggy I’m very interested in such a tool! Can you kindly send it to my address?


or show me a link to such stuff?


that version of nero info tool your useing looks like the old version
i would be intrested to see if Mount Rainier is ticked in the new version with your firmware.

possibley herrie may be able to implement the code into beta 9a or what ever the latest version currently is.

here is a picture of the new nero info tool comes with Nero.Burning.Rom.

hope this helps.


I think that was the latest version. (see below) I just downloaded it recently. If not, let me know where I can get the newest one.





What’s up with this 1.N5 version?
Does it exist?
Does it support Mt. Rainier?`

Please! Talk to us! :wink:



Hi Legnerp,

1.N5 firmware does exist. I bought a new bulk 2500A that came with it. I backed it up with TDB’s DOS utility before flashing the drive to Herrie’s Beta 7.

I have no idea about Mt Rainier support. I sent a copy to Herrie, so if there’s anything interesting about it, I think we’ll hear about it from him.

If you’d like to tinker with it, I’d gladly email you a copy. :slight_smile:



I had a look at this firmware, but wasn’t able to discover anything special. No Mt. Rainier, no bitsetting, no anything :frowning:


elwoodps, I’ve PM’d you with my email address.
Please send me this firmware.