Nd-2500a firmware 107v2b5

Hi all,

my current ND-2500a burner with 1.07 version just run at 4x on the R- 8x Ritek. I’d heard people recommended a new Beta firmware 107v2b5 version will correct the problem. The recommended web site is no longer exist. could anyone can help me how to correct this problem?

I know that the blank media is work find on the other burner.


My PC:

P4 2.8GHz, DDR 512MB, Nero 6, DVD shrink 3.1


try this

Hi all,

I can see the burner spin at 8x now.
Thank you for your help.

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Is it ok to flash from v1.7 (i think it may have been from dangerous brothers) to the Herrie 107v2b5 ?

No problem, IMHO

As this thread is discussing links to Herrie’s firmware, does anybody know of a link to download Herries 2.16 (for 2510) firmware that supports Ritek DL media?
As far as i’m aware 107b5 doesn’t, however i’ll happily be proven wrong :slight_smile:

will the firmware 107v2b5 work on my Nec dvd_rw nd_2500a.
and which is best to write with datawrite dvd-r 8x ?
Thanks in advance for any help, Unrealuk.

What are you thinking we are speaking about? Correct… the answer is: 2500A and 107v2b5 firmware! :iagree:
And it’ll work very well! For example, on 2.4x DVD+R–>8x (1st image), and on 8x-Memorex (2nd image):