ND-2500A does not run

Ive had this burner for several years now…burned a lot of flicks. This morning, I booted up as usual, & I hear the fan running, BUT…I get no green light, the tray will not open or close electrically, & my PC does not see it. (the burner is my “G” drive.) I DID leave a disc in it when I shut down yesterday, but I’ve done this before with no problem. Ive tried powering down & back up, & this did not work. It WAS making some “clicking” sounds yesterday before I shut down, but I’ve often heard this when it’s trying to read a scratched disc. Is there an internal fuse or circuit breaker that I can re-set, (or something else I can do), or am I SOL?..Im running this as an external USB 2.0 drive with XP home. This is my first post on this forum…hope somebody can help me out…Thanks alot…Doug7x

Drive is dead then.

OK Chef…I’ll take your word for it…I just went to outpost.com & bought a new ND-3550 (29.95 w/ free shipping). It did not specify if this is a single or dual layer burner. Does anyone know? (it doesn’t really matter to me…I’ve been using DVD Shrink for years, & it works fine…I’m just curious)
BTW…FYI…I read thru most of the threads on this forum, & noticed that alot of people were having burning problems…go to meritline.com & buy Ritek/Ridata +R media…either R03-02 or R01-02…They burn first time every time (almost…3 bad discs out of more than 400). To identify the media you have, download DVD Decryptor from Doom9.net, click on ISO Write mode, & the disc ID, size, manufacturer, & supported write speeds will be displayed in the panel on the right. For best results, ALWAYS burn at the SLOWEST write speed that is supported by that particular disc. (ie.2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x,)…burn at 2.4x. Thanks for your help, & I hope this post will be usefull to somebody, too.

That’s some [B]very[/B] bad advice you’re giving there.

Nobody here recommends Ritek media these days and likewise the advice about slow burning being best is an absolute myth.

Always get quality media - Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden being the obvious choices - and burn at the rated speed of the media except maybe for 16x media which may do better at 12x.